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“It would be great to have a ‘one-stop-shop’ [where I can do everything in order to generate a report to show management]”


“Historical analysis is the foundation for every conversation we have.”  


“I gamble every day: a great buyer is someone that could do more than just make decisions based on looking at numbers and analyzing the results.”

We help buyers plan, remember, and visualize their assortment.

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Visual Learning

Twenty20 allows to see overall trends relative to product appearance, and buyers don’t need to jump between tools to get the same insights they would if they just used Twenty20. Buyers can now establish an intimate relationship with their assortment due to them regularly seeing the products within the assortment.

Pattern Finding

“I want to see the assortment holistically to balance colors. I want to see them by what are the colorful skews, manekin-only skews, profitable skews, etc. to understand why I bought it.”

Viewing this data along with images of the products can help buyers spot trends and patterns that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to make with simply rows of data.

Institutional Knowledge Maintenance

Assortments are changing constantly and buyers are often changing roles, or even companies. Twenty20 allows for some of the knowledge relative to a category to be saved by means of making notes on the views that the buyer creates. That way, someone new to the category can quickly learn where to look for information and learn from past buyers through their actions.

Contextualizing on the go

Twenty20 could be used real-time during meetings with vendors and during tradeshows so that the buyer can see how a certain product would fit into the assortment. POs can be written up and signed while the buyer is there, saving all parties time and energy. This ability would give any buyer the leg up when negotiating with a vendor. They can have their assortment at their fingertips.

Buying is becoming more data driven, yet there’s a piece of buying that will always need human input, such as the tactile feel of a fabric or understanding of customer preference.
Time wasted trying to get access to the data or formatting it in a way that is ready for analysis is time stolen from making the analyses need for better buying decisions.
Combine all of the disparate sources of data and the relevant information that buyers need to do their job and is often a pain point in terms of time and cognitive overload.
Buyers are currently spending a lot of time on attributing, yet these attributes are not always used efficiently for analysis, resulting in relevant data falling through the cracks.
Buyers want to keep track of their decision-making process relative to their buys. No more penciled in notes on stacks of paper that get lost or need to be scavenged once it’s time for hindsighting. Simply now use your saved views.
Hindsight analysis is currently done through extensive and time consuming manual manipulation of the data, mostly in MS excel. By the time you hindsight, it’s too late to act or react on it. Slice and dice your data real time in all dimensions.

How much of retail buying can be automated?

This seems like a big leap from the way retailers are currently operating, with archaic systems, such as Excel. With advancements in AI, Predictive Analytics, and ML, there has been a lot of discussion of how these powerful technologies will affect retail buying. Changes in technology have also affected customer behaviors and in turn, the requirements for successful buying. Online retail continues to grow and outpace brick and mortar growth.

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